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New Law Would Make Taxpayers Potentially Liable For TRILLIONS In Derivatives Losses

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

If the quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble implodes, who should be stuck with the bill?  Well, if the “too big to fail” banks have their way it will be you and I.  Right now, lobbyists for the big Wall Street banks are pushing really hard to include an extremely insidious provision in a bill that would keep the federal government funded past the upcoming December 11th deadline.  This provision would allow these big banks to trade derivatives through subsidiaries that are federally insured by the FDIC.  What this would mean is that the big banks would be able to continue their incredibly reckless derivatives trading without having to worry about the downside.  If they win on their bets, the big banks would keep all of the profits.  If they lose on their bets, the federal government would come in and bail them out using taxpayer money.  In other words, it would essentially be a “heads I win, tails you lose” proposition.

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We caught up with the Gold Core Founder and Research Director Mark O’Byrne to talk precious metals and worldwide economic realities and what emerged is the truth about gold. Unlike globalist pundit Willem Buiter’s absurd assertion that “gold is a 6,000 year bubble“, we find that the gold price has actually climbed far higher during the past twelve months when priced in just about any currency other than the Dollar. Gold is up more than 14% when priced in Japanese Yen. It’s up more than 12% in the Euro, 5% in the British Pound – but only half a percent when priced in the surging US Dollar. But a word to the wise, these precious metal bargains for American Dollar holders are absolutely NOT going to last forever…

The Real Sun — Danny Wilten

[Ed. Note: Wanna know what secret societies teach? Then give this one a view.]

Man is created in the likeness of the Creator. Thus to see man, is to see the Creator.

from Danny Wilten:

Does “The Land of the Free” Have Any Rational Meaning?

by Paul Rosenberg, Casey Research:

I once knew a man who was a deacon in the Catholic Church. During certain ceremonies, his job was to raise his hand in a gesture of blessing over a church member and say some Latin words. The problem was, this guy had become a fairly serious atheist. So, instead of the prescribed Latin blessing, he would say the Latin words for “can’t help you, can’t hurt you.” No one noticed, not even the priests.

I feel like I’m watching something similar when I see the beginning of a sporting event and hear thousands of people singing “the land of the free” as a benediction over themselves. They don’t assimilate the words that their mouths are forming; they may as well be singing Latin.

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World in a Box

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:

Of all the problems with fiat currency, the most basic is that it empowers the dark side of human nature. We’re potentially good but infinitely corruptible, and giving an unlimited monetary printing press to a government or group of banks is guaranteed to produce a dystopia of ever-greater debt and more centralized control, until the only remaining choice is between deflationary collapse or runaway inflation. The people in charge at that point are in a box with no painless exit.

Right here we can identify a key systemic weak link: Market pricing and bullish perceptions have diverged profoundly both from underlying risk (i.e. Credit, liquidity, market pricing, policymaking, etc.) and diminishing Real Economy prospects. And now, with a full-fledged securities market mania inflating the Financial Sphere, it has become impossible for central banks to narrow the gap between the financial Bubbles and (disinflationary) real economies. More stimulus measures only feed the Bubble and prolong parabolic (“Terminal Phase”) increases in systemic risk. In short, central bankers these days are trapped in policies that primarily inflate risk. The old reflation game no longer works.

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by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

The worldwide awakening is picking up steam and having an effect on major parts of our overall culture, including the dictionary. No longer is it a mystery to individuals how the world is run: government and business team up to plunder wealth (taxation) and pay off friends. This system is called crony capitalism, and it is now in the Oxford dictionary.

According to, ‘crony capitalism’ is defined as an economic system of close, mutually advantageous relationships between business leaders and government officials. Reflecting the influence of popular culture, Oxford dictionary has included abbreviations like ‘IDC’ (I don’t care) and others.

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Don Watkins – Is Income Inequality The Real Problem?


Don Watkins takes on the collectivists and Steven Rattner who claim that the key to solving income inequality is taking more from society’s successful and most productive members. Rather than bringing down the top 10 percent, Don believes that opportunity must be increased for the 90 percent. Redistribution schemes and raising the minimum wage is not going to make society wealthier, only by increasing productivity will society’s wealth as a whole increase.

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The Rise of German Imperialism and the Phony “Russian Threat”

by Prof. James Petras, Global Research:

The principle Nazi ideological prop that secured massive financial and political support from Germany’s leading industrialists was the Communist and Soviet threat. The main Nazi military drive, absorbing two-thirds of its best troops, was directed eastward at conquering and destroying Russia. The ‘Russian Threat’ justified Nazi Germany’s conquest and occupation of the Ukraine, the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, with the aid of a substantial proportion of local Nazi collaborators.

After Germany’s defeat , division and disarmament, and with the extension of Soviet power, the US reinstated the Nazi industrial and banking giants, officials and intelligence operatives. At first they were engaged in rebuilding their domestic economy and consolidating political power, in collaboration with the US military occupation forces.

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Downtrend Resuming

by Warren Bevan, Gold Seek:

The week saw some pretty wild action that told us markets and stocks were going to correct, but that was short-lived and now we are back on track for higher prices into years end.

It was a blessing in disguise as we locked some gains and some losses and had the chance to reset and enter even better stocks who I’ve been trying to get into but was waiting for proper buy points to come, and come they did mid-week.

There is no doubt, it has been a tough year with many stocks only running a small amount from the buy points.

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Lawyer’s Letter to ‘Save the Children’: Rescind “Global Legacy Award” to War Criminal Tony Blair

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

Despite the Government’s ebullient headline employment report, the U.S. economy lost jobs in November.   Per CNBC:   That big headline number translated into just 4,000 more working Americans. There were, at the same time, another 115,000 on the unemployment line. That disparity can be explained through an expanding labor force, which grew 119,000, though the participation rate among that group remained at 62.8 percent, which is just off the year’s worst level and around a 36-year low – LINK.

Thanksgiving weekend (4 days Thurs – Sun) retail sales – both brick/mortar and online – collapsed 11% vs. 2013.  Experian reported that there was a 27% jump in auto loan delinquencies during the third quarter:  LINK.  There’s still 2.4 million less full-time workers than in November 2007.   There’s 3.1 million more part-time workers.

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Lawyer’s Letter to ‘Save the Children’: Rescind “Global Legacy Award” to War Criminal Tony Blair

from 21st Century Wire:

Former British Prime Minister, globe-trotting risk consultant of JP Morgan investments, Middle East ‘Peace Envoy’ for the Quartet, sometimes placed under citizens arrest by bartenders, and now owner of very shady bungalow in Marakesh – quite simply, he is the world’s most hated man…

We were encouraged when London bartender Twiggy Garcia tried to arrest old ‘TB’, lifetime President of the International Society of Pathological Liars, but this latest breaking story may top Twiggy just yet. Yes, it’s another ‘feel good’ story featuring Tony Blair…

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First They Came for Eric Garner …

from Washington’s Blog:

I Remained Silent Because I’m Not Black

Preface: German pastor Martin Niemöller initially supported Hitler. But he later opposed him, and was imprisoned in the Dachau concentration camp for years.

Niemöller learned the hard way that keep your head down doesn’t keep one out of trouble … in the long run, it increases the danger to all of us.

Niemöller wrote a brilliant poem – First They Came – about the manner in which Germans allowed Nazi abuses by failing to protest the abuse of “others” … first gypsies, gays, communists, and Jews, then Catholics … and eventually everyone.

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Food Storage Space For Your Long Term Supply

from Modern Survival Blog:

I’m hungry! When are we gonna eat? Is that all that’s for dinner? These are the cries and questions that I hear from my children almost every day in one form or another. I can only imagine how much worse these pleas and cries would be if there were a disaster and food was even scarcer than it is now.

It doesn’t matter if you experience a personal disaster or something outside of your control, you will need food if things go south. Seeing as the government says that you should keep at least 3-7 days worth of food on hand in the event of an emergency, I would guess they aren’t coming with your personal food supply for a while. This makes the idea of storing food not only a solid recommendation, but an integral part of the foundation of a good survival strategy.

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Social Security helps keep half of elderly Americans from poverty

Social Security has become the de facto retirement plan for millions of Americans.


Social Security was never designed as a long-term retirement plan for millions of Americans.  Yet Social Security has become the default retirement plan for many elderly Americans.  In fact, if it were not for Social Security roughly 44 percent of elderly Americans would be in poverty.  This is calculated by how many Americans receive Social Security and the standard poverty income cutoff created by Census figures.  The middle class continues to struggle and falls further behind the curve.  Since Social Security is adjusted via the CPI, it is problematic when the CPI fails to account for bigger changes in prices.  As we’ve highlighted before, inflation is here in big ways.  For older Americans healthcare costs are soaring and this eats deep into their monthly budgets.  Social Security in various forms is now being received by 64million Americans.  This is a big deal especially with so many Americans hitting retirement age in the years to come.

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Eating blueberries can help improve night vision

By Jonathan Benson, Natural News:

The health benefits of blueberries are seemingly endless, and among these are improved eyesight, particularly at night. Multiple studies out of Europe and Israel confirm that eating blueberries regularly may help improve night vision, while another study out of Japan says blueberries can help reduce eyestrain and improve weak eyesight.

In a 1998 issue of The Blueberry Bulletin, released by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension in New Jersey, a study on Israeli fighter pilots suggested that soldiers might gain tactical benefits by regularly consuming blueberries. Unique compounds in blueberries appear to enhance capillary elasticity and eye permeability, resulting in improved vision in the dark.

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The Growing American Police State Is Tightening Its Noose Around Our Necks

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

No Expectation of Privacy

The Supreme Court has ruled that when an individual is in public, they have no expectation of privacy. The courts have also ruled that it is legal to videotape the police. However, someone forgot to tell the police

Your Camera Makes You a Criminal

If a police officer is performing their lawful duties with integrity and nobility, they should welcome being videotaped. Increasingly, police officers treat the videotaping public with a sense of indignation when they know they are caught on tape. Why? Don’t the authorities repeatedly tell the public that if you are not doing anything wrong, you should not mind being surveilled? Why should law enforcement be treated any differently?

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Can You Trust The Specific Gravity Test?

from salivatemetal:

Central Banks Throwing Savers to the Wolves

from Daily

Cheaper energy costs should be a good thing, right? Given its near ubiquitous use in all forms of production, lower energy costs are great news for the global economy. That’s assuming supply increases are behind the price falls, rather than a big drop in demand.

While the global economy is by no means robust, it’s not exactly in the toilet either, so I think you can safely assume that the recent drop in oil and related energy costs are much more supply side oriented, thanks to OPEC’s (actually Saudi Arabia’s) decision to keep the oil pumping.

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Hawaii Is Ground Zero: Banning, Not Labeling GMOs

from The Daily Sheeple:

Let me put it this way. It would mean a lot more than winning a few GMO-labeling initiatives.

“The right to choose what’s in your food” does not stop the ongoing gene drift, from GMO crops to non-GMO, across America. This drift is well on its way to making organic crops into genetically modified food, whether we like it or not.

And the blown-on-wind spread of tons and tons of Roundup, the poisonous Monsanto herbicide so “vital” to GMO farming…well, that’s straight-out chemical warfare.

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Gov Tests Internet shutdown news channels -Drudge

from morningmayan, via The Victory Report:

Good Times: McDonald’s Is Hatin’ It

by Nick Hodge, Outsider Club:

I used to love McDonald’s. When I was a kid. And, later, when I was drunk.

There was just something about a 2am $1.00 greaseburger that felt right.

Not so much any more.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a Value Meal for lunch or dinner. A couple times a year I may swing in for a breakfast sandwich before a goose or deer hunt, at 5am when nothing else is open.

It seems “fast food” just isn’t the American institution it used to be.

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Vladimir Putin’s Presidential Address To The Federal Assembly – Paul Craig Roberts

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, The News Doctors:

In his Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Federal Assembly that Washington’s plan for Russia is to break the country into pieces as was done to Yugoslavia. The American scenario for Russia is “disintegration and dismemberment.” Putin reminded Washington that speaking to Russia from a position of force is futile and will lead Washington to the same fate as Hitler.

Putin also noted that Washington’s disregard for its own and international law had made the United States into a lawless state that is a danger to the world. William Rockler, a Nuremberg Tribunal Prosecutor of Nazi war crimes has come to the same conclusion as Putin: “The United States has discarded pretensions to international legality and decency, and embarked on a course of raw imperialism run amok.”

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