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The Ten Plagues That Are Hitting America Right Now

by Michael Snyder, End of the American Dream:

Why are so many plagues hitting the United States all of a sudden?  Yes, one can always point out bad stuff that is happening somewhere in the country, but right now we are facing a nightmarish combination of crippling drought, devastating wildfires, disastrous viruses, dying crops and superbugs that scientists don’t know how to kill.  And as you will see, we even have a plague of flies down in Mississippi.  So what in the world is going on?  Is this just a case of bad luck, or is something else happening?  At the conclusion of this article, please feel free to tell me what you think.  The following are ten plagues that are hitting America right now…

#1 The Plague Of Flies In The Upper Mississippi River Valley

This is perhaps the least dangerous plague, but it is also one of the most interesting.  Just recently, a plague of flies was so thick in the upper Mississippi River valley that it showed up on radar

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JIM WILLIE — US Bonds Dumped, New Gold Backed Currency

from FinanceAndLiberty:

The MH17 Cover-Up: Paul Joseph Watson Lays Out The FACTS With Michael Savage

from PrisonPlanetLive:

MUST LISTEN: “The U.S. is militarizing Ukraine… Kiev is conducting a policy of GENOCIDE. The key to resolving the catastrophe of Ukraine is to be found in Washington. That’s where Nazism has to be defeated.” — Sergei Glazyev Economic Advisor to Putin

After what the US government did to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya – does THIS sound familiar?

from New Insight:

Friends, this is a MUST LISTEN. The words of Sergei Glazyev, the Economic Advisor to Russian President Putin are a stunning wake up call for anyone with the capacity to think independently & critically. For those who understand the over reach of US empire and Washington fascism over the past decade alone (in the name of the precious 9/11 fable), we ignore these realities at OUR OWN peril. ~SGT

Kiev is clearly conducting a policy of genocide to eliminate the whole population of Donbass… They’re destroying hospitals, kindergartens, schools. The fate they’re preparing for the people of Donbass is serfdom… It is obvious that the United States is fully controlling the Kiev Nazis, Poroshenko personally, and the government, and is pushing them to pursue this war against Donbass to the very end… THIS IS A WAR BY THE UNITED STATES AGAINST US… So we have to understand that the key to resolving the catastrophe of Ukraine is to be found in Washington. That’s where Nazism has to be defeated..”

- Sergei Glazyev Economic Advisor to Russian President Putin

Recorded on June 10, 2014, Glazyev discusses the massive militarization of Ukraine, intended not only to crush Donbass, but to re-take Crimea in order to start another world war for further consolidation of the US hegemony over Eurasia.

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Help Us SilverFishVT, We’re Addicted to Stacking!

This is the conversation ‘after the call’ with Alasdair Macleod in which we discuss the reasons most Americans won’t or can’t wake up. We also discuss the beauty of stacking physical precious metals, which is a way of SAVING for the future, a concept so foreign to most Americans that they criticize those who stack Ag and Au… which leads us to the SilverFishVT You Tube channel…

Outside Your Comfort Zone – Overcome The Path Of Least Resistance

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

We as humans will often take the path of least resistance – literally and emotionally.

We will walk the straightest line to where we’re going – we will do ‘it’ the easiest way or the same way we’ve always done it before – and we will typically do the least amount of work possible to achieve a goal or requirement.

Is this hindering the way many of us experience real life to the fullest? I think so…

We also often choose the path of least resistance on an emotional level – to avoid conflict, difficult decisions, feeling awkward, things or situations that are uncomfortable, or even to avoid confrontation or disagreement.

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They Tracked the MH17 Missile from Space but Just Can’t Seem to Find a Whole Boeing 777 Anywhere

from TRUTHstreammedia:

One third to die by plague or famine; one third will fall by the sword; one third to be scattered to every wind

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

Many believe that Biblical signs of famine and pestilence have begun to appear in our world, and that’s why the title of this article quotes Ezekiel 5:12.

In what is now admitted by all the top infectious disease experts to be a “post-antibiotics era” where Big Pharma’s drugs are useless, we are now facing unprecedented outbreaks of Ebola, Chikungunya and even the Plague.

Diseases are spreading out of control in many regions while at the same time the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is recklessly exposing its own scientists to Anthrax and other deadly agents. (1)

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Jan Skoyles on gold manipulation

from liarpoliticians:

US Intelligence: No Evidence Russia Did It

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,

After days of placing hostile blame for the downing of the Malaysian airliner on Russia, the White House permitted US intelligence officials to tell reporters that there is no evidence of the Russian government’s involvement.

Obviously, the US satellite photos do not support the Obama regime’s lies. If the White House had any evidence of Russian complicity, it would have released it to great fanfare days ago.

We are fortunate that the analytical side of the CIA, in contrast with the black ops side, retains analysts with integrity even after the purge of the agency ordered by Dick Cheney. Incensed that the CIA did not immediately fall in line with all of the Bush regime’s war lies, Cheney had the agency purged. The black ops side of the agency is a different story. Many believe that it should be defunded and abolished as this part of the CIA operates in violation of statutory US law.

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One Set of FEMA Camps for Immigrants and One Set for Americans

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I have been wondering through the midst of this illegal alien crisis, I have been wondering why are we not seeing the 800 known FEMA camps being used to house these illegal alien immigrants. After all, the following paragraphs establish the fact that this is why the concept of FEMA camps came into being back in 1987. There is not a simple one sentence, or own paragraph answer to this question except to say the aftermath of what has begun serves to threaten every American citizen. In the following paragraphs I systematically present the notion that there are two types of FEMA camps. There is the one for the present illegal aliens and there are the untouched 800 FEMA camps plus the use of public venues for you and me.

REX 84: When the REX 84 FEMA Camp program was created by people such as Lt. Col. Oliver North, who was both National Security Council White House Aide, and NSC liaison to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and John Brinkerhoff, the deputy director of “national preparedness” programs for FEMA’s role in the creation of the camps.m our ultimate fate for a future generations of Americans was sealed.

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Silver Update: Fine Racket

from BrotherJohnF:

Released to subs on 7/18/14

America The Divided: Everyone Knows We Have Problems But There Is Very Little Agreement On Solutions

by Michael Snyder, Economic Collapse Blog:

A house divided against itself will surely fall.  America is more divided today than it has been in decades, and the deep divisions that are tearing us apart continue to get even worse.  In fact, a newly released Rasmussen Reports national survey discovered that 67 percent of voters believe that America is even more divided now than it was four years ago.  We are angry, we are frustrated and we love to fight with one another, but none of this strife and discord is getting us anywhere.  What most Americans can agree on is that we are facing tremendous problems as a nation.  One average of recent polls found that only 26 percent of Americans believe that this country is heading in the right direction and 63.8 percent of Americans believe that this country is heading in the wrong direction.  Unfortunately, there is very little agreement on what the solutions to our problems are.  That is where the division is.  As a nation, we no longer have a shared set of values or principles that provides a foundation for our decisions.  Everyone just kind of does whatever is right in their own eyes, and the result is chaos.  At a minimum, the U.S. Constitution was supposed to bond all of us together, but it has become clear that very few of our lawless politicians have any respect for that document at this point.  And the American people must not have too much respect left for the Constitution either, because they keep sending the very same politicians back to Washington over and over again.  Unless a miracle happens, everyone is going to keep pulling in different directions, and that is going to continue ripping our country to shreds.

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Berlin Woke Up, Now What About Your City?

from We Are Change:



skull·dug·ger·y or skul·dug·ger·y (skl-dg-r) n. Crafty deception or trickery or an instance of it.

Never mind that The Head Of ‘The Central Bank Of The World’ Warns That Another Great Financial Crisis May Be Coming.

Nope, in the heart of the NWO-Bankster Matrix, world wide monetary & financial reality matters not.

It’s business as usual for the criminal central banking cartel, which means endless skullduggerey: underhanded or unscrupulous behavior. Good luck humanity.


SILVER: The Achilles’ Heel

MERS may have mutated to airborne agent

by Lizzie Bennett, Underground Medic:

Particles of the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) virus have been found in the air of a barn that had housed an infected camel. The particles contained genetic fragments of the virus on all three days that the air was sampled.

The owner of the barn, a 43 year old male died of MERS in hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In searching for the source of the virus the air in the barn was sampled. Sometime later one of the camels he tended was found to have the virus.

This raises issues about how much MERS needs to be in the air before it can be passed from person to person. The camel owner who died is not a good subject to assess this from because he was handling camels, a known vector of the disease, and he could therefore have caught it direct from the camel rather than from sharing air with the beast.

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Can Government “Steal” Your Supplies? They’ve Done It Before

by Joe Touchstone, The Daily Sheeple:

The current situation in Venezuela, with its government rationing (doling out) all available food and other essentials to its people, making it illegal to “hoard” supplies, and now requiring identification to purchase food, has many preppers concerned that the same abuses of government will happen here in the U.S.

Recent changes in U.S. policy have only made these concerns stronger.

But many forget that history repeats itself.

Can the government steal your preps?

During the not-too-distant past, the U.S. government took more from its people than you might believe.

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Silk Road Case: It’s The End of The Web as We Know It

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Government Collapses (PM Yatsenyuk Resigns)

from ZeroHedge:

As if Ukraine was not struggling through enough turmoil currently, Bloomberg reports that the fragile coalition government has collapsed after two parties quit. The UDAR and Svoboda parties said they’d leave the government and seek a snap parliamentary ballot. Tempers have been fraying recently as numerous brawls have broken out in parliament ahead of President Poroshenko’s pledge to call elections this year. All we have to do now is find out who Washington would like to see in power? The end result… Prime Minister Yatsenyuk just resigned… The big question now is what will the IMF do about the remaining tranches of its loans?

Ukrainian bonds are tumbling on the news…

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‘Concrete Facts Are Not Necessary’ – Obama Administration Makes Blacklisting Air Passengers Easier Than Ever

from The News Doctors:

A never-before-published document released by The Intercept on Wednesday reveals the flexibility with which United States officials may place individuals on watchlists and deem them terrorists without obtaining concrete proof.

The 166-page document, the “March 2013 Watchlisting Guidance,” suggests that the US government relies on “a secret process that requires neither ‘concrete facts’ nor ‘irrefutable evidence’ to designate an American or foreigner as a terrorist,” journalists Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux wrote this week.

According to an excerpt of the lengthy but unclassified document, the guideline was “developed to help standardize the watchlisting community’s nomination and screening process,” which federal agencies implement when encountering persons that officials may believe are linked to terroristic activity.

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Michigan Dept of Agri Forces Farmer to Dump 248 Gallons of Organic Milk and Break 1200 Free Range Eggs

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

While Americans in the nearby city of Detroit face life in third world conditions, unable to even afford running water, the state of Michigan decided to direct its resources towards cracking down on a small food co-op in Standish for having the utter audacity to provide milk, butter, cream and eggs to people who bought shares in the organic dairy.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture must be so proud of their deeds, after they forced Joe and Brenda Golimbieski, the owners of Hill High Dairy and Jenny Samuelson, the owner of My Family Co-op, to dump out 248 gallons of milk, to break 100 dozen eggs, and to destroy an undisclosed amount of fresh cream, butter and cheese.

According to a post on the Hill High Dairy page on Facebook, the agents from the MDA stood over the family, watching as the food was destroyed.

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GigaProfits from the GigaFactory

by Adam English, Outsider Club:

Sales of plug-in electric vehicles are going like this:

That’s not hybrids. That’s vehicles you plug in to charge — the kind Elon Musk’s Tesla is making. Its stock chart looks like this:

Elon, remember, is the 40-something entrepreneur who co-founded PayPal. And SpaceX — the first privately funded company to put a satellite into orbit, which is also now flying missions for NASA.

He also founded SolarCity, a solar installation company with a unique model that’s grown from $1b to $5b in less than two years.

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Putin BRICS To Form New “Energy Association” Counters OPEC

from Fabian4Liberty: