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On The 51st Anniversary of the NWO’s Assassination of JFK: THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY — “The Coup d’Etat”

from Top Doucmentary Films & Dogeffa:

This artfully constructed series offers chilling evidence that American democracy has become a convenient lie; that a conspiratorial coup d’état removed a sitting president and then hid that fact from the American people.


from SGT

Food inflation is raging, Ukaraine’s gold is gone its central bank now admits (stolen and sent to the United States), and the Swiss will soon vote on whether or not to turn back to gold and Sovereignty as the war against the Banksters and their soulless fiat money machine continues.

As Miles Franklin’s Andy Hoffman puts it, “Across the board there’s a war being fought for the physical gold that’s around and for the mental mind share of the world as they seek to remember thousands of years of history up against a short term propaganda and money printing scheme that is clearly in its final stages… Look what’s happening to the currencies around the world – All of them! The average BRICS currency is down 60% in the last three years since the money printing really took off and there’s inflation everywhere in the system. And now we’re seeing succession movements.”

Game on.

This Is a Sign the Startup Bubble Is Totally Maxed Out

from Wolf Street:

As I was finally cleaning out the junk receptacle that my mailbox has become, I found a thick, nearly black envelope among the wadded-up fliers. It was sent to “Resident” and titled “San Francisco Offers.” Kudos. Whoever was trying to get through to me, made it.

It contained six glossy, multicolored sheets, each for a different company. It must have cost a bundle. I was getting ready to toss the packet when I recognized one of the names: these were startups!

But why would startups that plan to disrupt entire industries, invent new paradigms, take mankind to the next level, and make the world a better place for all … why would they resort to expensive, wasteful, dead-tree, old-school junk mail?

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Thinking Outside the Hourglass

from Zen Gardner:

This imposed artificial time constraint is a very subtle one, especially when you realize everything depends on perspective. We’re clearly experiencing a manipulated, illusory cycle of time with parameters that make us feel contained, limited. And that’s the intent. Closing in on your prey is an ingrained predatory behavior. If the subjects feel there’s no escape, compliant behavior will eventually follow.

That’s pretty clever on the part of the controllers, but it’s only effective when you’re not awake to what’s going on.

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In Great Britain, Protecting Pedophile Politicians is a Matter of “National Security”

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkreig:

I’ve long written about how the percentage of sociopaths within a group of humans becomes increasingly concentrated the higher you climb within the positions of power in a society, with it being most chronic amongst those who crave political power (see: Humanity is Rising).

The reason for this is obvious. Those with the sickest minds, and who wish to act upon their destructive fantasies, understand that they can most easily get away with their deeds if they are protected by an aura of power and ostensible respectability. They believe that as a result of their status, no one would dare accuse them of horrific activities, and if it ever came to that, they could quash any investigation. Unfortunately for us all, this is typically the case. I previously covered the issue of powerful pedophiles in the UK in the piece: Former BBC Host “Sir” Jimmy Savile Exposed as Major Player in Massive Pedophile Ring.

Now we have evidence of yet another case.

The Guardian reports that:

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6 GMO Loaded Brands You Should Avoid Buying

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

Ever wonder which companies you should totally avoid, whether it’s because they create low-quality food or because they infringe on our food rights? Below you will see 6 huge players in the food industry to avoid and boycott. You can boycott their products for the best effect or you can petition them and ask them to stop throwing money at the anti-labeling campaigns. Here are 6 huge conglomerates aiming to ruin your right to know what is in your food.

1. Pepsi-Co (Including Frito-Lay and Doritos)

This behemoth has hardly been touched by consumer frustration with GMOs, even it is just as guilty as many other companies when it comes to food secrets. This is also the company who had to settle a $9 million class-action lawsuit over Naked Juice false advertising – claiming the products were ‘all natural’ and ‘100% juice’ when they are actually full of GMOs. Pepsi-Co was also revealed as one of the big spenders behind the anti-labeling campaigns illegally filtered through the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association. The company topped the list with a $1,620,899 donation to keep you in the dark about GMOs.

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Obama’s Amnesty Creates Entitlement Program For Illegals

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

Gold’s Upswing In November Amid A Lower Trend Line

from Gold Silver Worlds:

This is an excerpt from the daily newsletter to premium subscribers, which offers daily a detailed market analysis (recommended service).

There is clearly an upswing present since early November, but defining this upswing is a challenge so a broad in the Raff Regression Channel. It does a pretty good job of defining direction and accounting for volatility, which we are seeing now. The lower trend line ends around 112 and I will mark support here. The long-term trend for gold is still down and GLD has a big resistance zone in the 115-116.50 area.

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Protesters storm new ECB headquarters & taste police tear gas in Germany

from RT:

Gold Market On The Cusp Of A Spectacular & Historic Turn

from KingWorldNews:

What really drives the price of gold? Some say it’s a fear gauge. Others prefer to look at the demand coming from the Indian wedding season. But the silliest of all conclusions to reach is that the dollar price of gold should be determined solely by its value vis-à-vis another fiat currency. The truth is the primary driver of gold is the intrinsic value of the dollar itself, not its value on the Dollar Index (DXY). The intrinsic value of the dollar can be determined by the level of real interest rates. Real interest rates are calculated by subtracting a country’s “risk-free” sovereign yield from the rate of inflation. Right now the level of real interest rates in the U.S. is a negative 1.55%.

A key factor is then to determine the future direction of real interest rates. The more positive real rates become, the less incentivized investors are to hold gold. And the opposite is also true. The more negative real rates become, the more necessary it is to own an asset that is proven to keep pace with inflation. The Fed has threatened to begin liftoff from its zero-interest-rate policy in the middle of next year. However, the Fed has made it clear that it will raise nominal yields only if inflation is rising as well. Therefore, there is no reason to believe real interest rates will rise anytime in the near future.

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False Flag Attack Planned for Ferguson to Frame Protesters?

from Mark Dice:

Congressman: Obama Has “Gone Rogue”

by Steve Watson, infowars:

In the wake of announced executive action, more elected representatives have come forward to warn of an unprecedented power grab by the president. Appearing on Fox News Friday, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) said Obama has “gone rogue” and that the only way to stop the subversion of the Constitutional process is to pursue legal action. “I would prefer not to hire an attorney. Nobody wants to do this, but what do you do when you have a chief executive who has gone rogue?” Schock said, referring to the change in federal law regarding employer mandates as part of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Republicans announced the initiation of a lawsuit Friday, with House speaker John Boehner saying “Time after time, the president has chosen to ignore the will of the American people and rewrite federal law on his own without a vote of Congress.”

“There is a lot of the things that the Democrats when they passed it, they gave great leniency to the president and the administration to change the rules, and come up with the rules and have the latitude to change them…,” Congressman Schock added Friday, explaining that the aim of the lawsuit is to show that Congress has “standing,” rather than trying to repeal Obamacare.

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My Response to Paul Krugman’s Latest Personal Attack

from Peter Schiff:

Gold Sector Analysis: China Rates and Swiss Referendum Dominate Positive Gold Action

from The Daily Bell:

For nearly three weeks gold has been traveling upward for a variety of reasons and Friday’s action placed it in the area of US$1200 – an important number that has been identified as “break even” for numerous gold miners. With predictions of even higher prices next week, gold stands a chance of turning in a positive month after numerous choppy or negative ones.

This Week’s Monetary and Industrial Trends

Three news events pushed the dollar down against gold late in the week, and thus provided more positive numbers for the yellow metal. The first, according to media reports, was a Chinese interest rate cut designed to boost a lagging economy. The second involved comments from EU bankers on more aggressive money printing and the third had to do with the Dutch central bank repatriating some 122.5 tons of gold back to headquarters in Amsterdam from New York.

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The Rothschild and Morgan Connection — FACT or Delusional Conspiracy Theory?

from AltInvestorshangout:

White House: Obama’s Executive Order ‘Legally Unassailable’

by Eric Scheiner, CNS News:

“What the president announced last night is legally unassailable,” White House spokesperson Josh Earnest told CNN Friday morning. Earnest was on the network’s New Day program discussing President Barack Obama’s executive order to legally permit up to 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States.

“So you think you can tolerate constitutional and legal scrutiny of the sufficiency of this executive order?” CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked.

“What the president announced last night is legally unassailable. It’s entirely consistent with the way that President Reagan, President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush used their executive authority to try to make changes to the broken immigration system,” Earnest replied.

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Lois Lerner’s IRS Emails Found

It’s a post-election miracle. All 30,000 Lois Lerner IRS emails have suddenly been found.

from Bill Still:

Silver Mine Supply To Peak 2-3 Years & Drawdown Of LBMA Inventory – GFMS

from SRSrocco Report:

According to GFMS, the world is expected to see a peak in silver mine supply in the next 2-3 years.  This statement including this year’s supply and demand statistics were released in the GFMS 2014 Silver Market Interim Report for the Silver Institute.

GFMS states the reason for the peak in silver mine supply is due to “current price levels maintaining production but constraining investment in new capacity.”  Basically, they are saying the current low silver price will maintain production for the meanwhile, but this has created a decline in mining investment, precipitating a peak in global silver production. In addition, they see silver scrap supply falling from 25% of total supply in 2012 to only 16% in 2014.

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Is the whole world watching your private home security camera? 73,000 now online

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

No question, we live in a “wired” world, but increasingly, we also live in a world where, no matter where we go, we are tracked — either through our vehicle, our cell phone or by some form of direct surveillance. In addition, our personal privacy is at risk of becoming a quaint anachronism, thanks to the Technological Age, unless or until lawmakers and President Obama step up and begin enforcing the Fourth Amendment.

As reported by Gizmodo, there is a new website that makes it much easier to invade our privacy by collecting streaming footage from more than 73,000 IP (internet protocol) cameras whose owners have not changed their default passwords.

The site,, claims to be doing what it is doing only to bring awareness to the issue of online security. But obviously, the technique — streaming unsecured video from around the world — is an ironic way to make that point, indeed.

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Exclusive Interview with CEO of World’s Largest Gold Miner — Chuck Jeannes, Goldcorp

by Henry Bonner, Sprott Global:

How does a major mining company like Goldcorp use a bear market in precious metals to grow its business?

Well, many of the mining businesses that have been successful over the last 10 to 15 years had their start in the last bear market. The current market feels a lot like 1999-2000 and that was a time when the companies that had the ability to do so had fantastic opportunities to go out an acquire assets at deflated prices and build new companies.

If you look back at the success of Goldcorp, for example, it started with Ian Telfer doing exactly that with Wheaton River. At that point in time, I was part of Glamis Gold and we were doing the same thing — acquiring assets in a bear market at low prices. The result is what you see today — Goldcorp, which has become the largest gold mining firm in the world by market capitalization, after we put Glamis and Goldcorp together. Sorry, that’s a long answer to a simple question, but I see this market as one of opportunity for a company like ours that has the balance sheet to do something.

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Obama’s Executive Action Will Finish Off America

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

Obama’s unconstitutional executive action “to shield millions of undocumented immigrants,” as The New York Times puts it, is a brazen effort to further impoverish the American middle class and convert the country into a third world wasteland.

This reality is ignored by the corporate media as it celebrates Obama’s “landmark” betrayal of the Constitution.

The establishment media fails to point out the obvious: the federal government has merged a huge underclass into the system, specifically the tax system.

Details were spelled out by Neil Munro of The Daily Caller on Thursday. He noted that the legalization of illegals will impose further financial obligations on American taxpayers.

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Don’t See Gold Breaking Below $1,000, Silver Below $10

from KitcoNews:

Kitco News speaks with Nouveau’s VP and forex trader Lindsay Hall to see how she sees the dollar, yen and euro set up and how she feels about gold. Looking at the dollar, Hall says she doesn’t expects a ‘massive recovery’ for the greenback.