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Harley Schlanger, historian and national spokesperson for LaRouchePAC joins me to talk about 9/11 and false flag terror, western-backed ISIS terror, Obama’s speech, Ted Cruz’ undying love for Israel, the death of the dollar, the evil empire & the idolaters of money. We also talk about much needed solutions, like a return to the REAL American system and the massive water works project that could save the west from epic drought, NAWAPA.

Nicole Kidman’s Father Dies Amid Pedophile, Child Murder Ring Allegations

[Ed. Note: Here's the horrifying truth about what Luciferians at the highest level of society and governement are involved in: Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland An Eyewitness speaks out - Names Prince Bernhard of Netherlands Specifically [@ 12:15], a man who was a member of the Nazi Party and who set up the Bilderberg Group. ~SGT]

from Before Its News:

Dr. Antony Kidman died Friday after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring. A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the Australian NSW police and Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging Kidman’s sexual and physical assaults on her throughout childhood. When the Commission opened an investigation the clinical psychologist suddenly left his 43 years with the Sydney University of Technology and Royal North Shore Hospital to stay in Singapore until he died. The family has refused to comment and Singapore police opened an investigation on what they termed as an unnatural death.

Yesterday Barnett released her own theory about Kidman’s death,” The main perpetrator of my child sexual abuse, Antony Kidman, is dead after I filed formal complaints accusing him of the rape, torture and murder of children in an exclusive Sydney pedophile ring. As a child victim of mind control I feel he’s been sacrificed for failing to adequately program me.”

“Kidman was responsible for ensuring that I never disclosed pedophile ring activities that I witnessed as a child,” she continued. “He failed.”

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UK & France Moving To Next Reserve Currency: The Chinese Yuan

from X22 Report:

Episode 467

Rockwell and Woods on Rothbard, the Man and His Work

from TomWoodsTV:

Over 2 trillion becquerels of radioactive waste flowed from Fukushima plant into Pacific in just 10 months

by David Gutierrez, Natural News:

At least 2 trillion becquerels’ worth of radioactive material flowed from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean between August 2013 and May 2014, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has admitted. The rate of release was 10 times higher than TEPCO’s pre-meltdown threshold for radioactive material.

A becquerel is a unit for measuring radioactive material that corresponds to one unit of radioactive decay per second. It is a way of describing how much radiation is being emitted by radioactive material, in contrast to measuring the mass or volume of the material itself, the energy carried by the radiation or the biological impact of exposure.

Radioactive sludge accumulating in bay

In March 2011, the Fukushima plant suffered multiple meltdowns triggered by a massive earthquake and tsunami. Since then, TEPCO has struggled to contain the flow of radioactive water away from the plant. Currently, radioactive water is known to be leaking out of reactor buildings and downstream into the ocean. It is also suspected to be leaking into the ground from the plant, and flowing underground to the ocean from there.

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“Time Of Unraveling” for The U.S. Petro Dollar

from Fabian4Liberty:

If A Nuclear Bomb Destroyed Europe…

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

I don’t know where to start this Monday morning as potentially devastating geopolitical and economic developments are emerging so rapidly, it is difficult to give them all justice.  However, as the Miles Franklin Blog’s principal aim is apprising you of everything you need for your due diligence process.

Frankly, I haven’t got the strength to write of market manipulation today – thank goodness, Bill Holter did so already; as it has become so pervasive and perverse, that it’s the single most important factor in today’s “price discovery” process.  And as much as I’d like to believe precious metals are the “most” manipulated market, there’s really little difference in how much money printing and algorithms the government via its “TBTF” proxies commit to everything from stocks to bonds to currencies.  However, the one thing we will note is that amidst the worst economic fundamentals of our lifetimes and most dangerous geopolitical environment, equity sentiment – at least, for the “1%” still owning stocks – has NEVER been higher; whilst the world’s most under-owned and undervalued asset class, precious metals has seen sentiment weaken to levels witnessed 13 years ago. 

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Like Clockwork: New ISIL Vid ‘Beheads’ Brit, Cameron Gung Ho for US Bombing Run on Syria

from 21st Century Wire:

When Obama gave his not-so-epic ISIS(L) attack speech on Tuesday, little or no enthusiasm rang from the coalition choir. Even Obama’s BBF David Cameron was strangely quiet on the matter, with Britain releasing a statement saying they will not be joining in on Washington’s military free-for-all in Syria.

What a difference a day makes… ISIS social media barons released a new video yesterday which purportedly shows the beheading of British citizen and aid worker, David Haines, a 44-year-old who is said to have been kidnapped back in March 2013.

In this latest video, ISIS actor and video presenter ‘Jihadi John’ give a similar monologue as in the previous two videos, but this time has upgrade his standby prop from a fruit knife to a slightly larger hunting knife this time.

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Former IDF Soldier Calls on Americans to Stand Up to Israel War Crimes

from breakingtheset:

Abby Martin speaks with Eran Efrati, a former IDF soldier who recounts his experience being ostracized for attempting to expose crimes he witnessed as a soldier.

Why I Believe Gold & Silver Have Been Massacred Since 2011

from The Wealth Watchman:

Growing up, my brothers and I liked to roughhouse. We lived in the country, and had very large yards that were more than suitable for running and scuffing each other up. Boys will be boys, and all! As we would wrestle, and all the tackling and clawing would escalate, I can remember hearing my mother admonish us to stop, by saying. Well. Let’s see if you can guess what she said to us! It was a rather iconic line, that you’re probably quite familiar with too. In fact, I’ll say the first few words, and see if you can fill in the blanks: “It’s all fun and games…” I’m willing to bet, shield brother, that you finished that line either out loud, or in your thoughts, didn’t you? You’ve probably heard it a hundred times, I know I have. “It’s all fun and games, until someone loses an eye.” Have you ever wondered where that phrase came from? Well, etymology is a tricky business sometimes, but it gets even trickier for whole phrases. The only attempt at an explanation that I could find, came from a source who claimed this:

“‘It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye’ is from Ancient Rome. The only rule in their wrestling matches was no eye gouging. The only way to become disqualified in wrestling sporting events was to gouge or put an eye out…..thus the quote.”

The source is dubious at best, but whether or not that origin is true, the phrase’s meaning is unmistakable. There are times when we’ve all acted badly, without thinking of the consequences of those actions, precisely because we don’t truly believe those consequences will happen. Oftentimes, people won’t stop whatever ill-advised thing it is that they were doing, until something terrible happens. There’s no question that in 2011, something terrible happened, which caused the “fun and games” for gold and silver investors to be “over” ever since.

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Snowden: New Zealand Launched Mass Surveillance Project While Publicly Denying It

by Glenn Greenwald and Ryan Gallagher, The Intercept:

The New Zealand spy agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), worked in 2012 and 2013 to implement a mass metadata surveillance system even as top government officials publicly insisted no such program was being planned and would not be legally permitted.

Documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden show that the government worked in secret to exploit a new internet surveillance law enacted in the wake of revelations of illegal domestic spying to initiate a new metadata collection program that appeared designed to collect information about the communications of New Zealanders. Those actions are in direct conflict with the assurances given to the public by Prime Minister John Key (pictured above), who said the law was merely designed to fix “an ambiguous legal framework” by expressly allowing the agency to do what it had done for years, that it “isn’t and will never be wholesale spying on New Zealanders,” and the law “isn’t a revolution in the way New Zealand conducts its intelligence operations.”

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What Syria Can Do When U.S. Bombs ISIS In Syria — Morris

from 108morris108:

The #2 Reason Preppers Will Fail When SHTF

from Father Son Preppers:

Many of the preppers reading this will wonder why I chose to write about the #2 reason instead of the #1. We all know that most of the population will die in a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation. The reason we as preppers might survive is in the name, we prepare. In reality it is tougher to prepare for the #1 reason because it’s based in our mind instead of in equipment or knowledge. The will to live or WTL is the number one reason any person would fail, even preppers.

For this article I will be focusing on the second reason which is simply experience with your gear.

The importance of having proper gear is huge, however most actual preppers have some gear and a dedicated bug out bag. This gear will help you survive IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE IT PROPERLY!

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Gerald Celente — We Learn NOTHING As The Slaughter Continues On The Way To WW3

from trendsjournal:

Jeff Rense Show – September 11, 2014

The Ebola Epidemic Silver-Lining: IMF ‘Bailouts’ For Everyone

from ZeroHedge:

Never waste a good crisis. While we already knew a major reason for The West chasing into Africa was to leverage its relatively low credit levels as the last bastion of Keynesian-stimulus-hope in the world (estimated at between $5 and $10 trillion in secured debt, using its extensive untapped resources as first-lien collateral). And so it is little surprise that, as The WSJ reports, The International Monetary Fund on Thursday warned the West African Ebola epidemic requires a “large scale” global intervention to control a crisis that is ravaging economies in the region. All three major Ebola-suffering countries were already in bailout programs ($200mm loan in 2012 for Guinea, $100mm loan for Sierra Leone, and $80mm credit facility for Liberia) but with the “world community taking forever to respond,” The IMF is happy to step in and secure some assets / lend over $100mm more to each nation to fill financing gaps.

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UKRAINE WAR INSANITY: Fascist Poroshenko to Address U.S. Congress — Webster Tarlpey

from Webster Tarpley Radio:

Attention AMERICANS: Demand a Call Off to Fascist Poroshenko’s Speech to Joint Session of US Congress!

CME Group facilitates futures market manipulation, Steer tells Sprott Money News

by Chris Powell, GATA:

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Interviewed by Sprott Money News, GATA board member Ed Steer, editor of Ed Steer’s Gold & Silver Daily letter published by Casey Research, discusses the CME Group’s entry in the gold futures market in Hong Kong and the company’s facilitation of manipulative trading in all the futures markets it manages. The interview is seven minutes long and is posted at the Sprott Money Internet site here:

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Bank Warns of STOCK MARKET SELLOFF After Fed Meeting

from The Money GPS:

China + Russia vs. USA + Europe

from Armstrong Economics:

China has aligned itself with Russia as often an ally in the international arena. China has made it known that it stands ready to use the right of “veto” any decision of the UN Security Council on the situation in Ukraine directed against Russia. To a large extent, our sources have been highlighting the outrage the world has had about the NSA and its wholesale collecting of everything on a global basis right down to tapping into Merkel’s personal phone calls. The price of the NSA has been the reversal of everything administrations sought to accomplish since Richard Nixon in making the world more peaceful. The paranoia of the NSA is reminiscent of Stalin who could not sleep at night worrying about who might be thinking about his demise. The NSA has rekindled the threat of world war and its arrogance is strangely the same aspect that led to the fall of the Athenian Empire as one-by-one its allies turned against it because of its lack of respect for other countries.

Yet there is a soft under-belly to the Russian-China relationship. To solidify Chinese support, Russia is willing to hand back territory China maintains was taken from it by the Soviet Union.

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SchiffRadio Podcast #2

from Peter Schiff:

- More weak economic Data
- Purchase applications index declined by 7.2% (biggest decline in 14 years)
- Treasury yields slightly up for the week
- Retail sales up
- Auto loans increasingly delinquent
- When I’ll admit to being wrong on Fed policies
- Negative Interest Rates in Japan and in Switzerland
- Paul Krugman says we should be at 4% inflation and a minimum wage of $10.10
- Henry Blodgett says inflation should be 5 or 6%
- David K. Johnson thinks corporations are getting rich by paying taxes
- Jobless claims up, indicating a trend change
- Recognizing bubbles ahead of the crisis
- Poll on Scottish independence
- The NBA in the hot seat for racism
- Over-reaction to the Ray Rice story